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We offer several wooden kayaks to fit your paddling style and adventuring needs! From the fast and efficient Wooden Touring Kayak and Sport Touring Kayak models, to the shorter and more stable Sport Kayak and Ultra Sport Kayak models more suited to day paddling, surfing, photography, and fishing. Each wooden kayak’s model is designed to be best adapted to how you like to spend your time on the water. Our philosophy is to have boats that do what you love, in a size that fits you.

Check out our other products as well! We offer amazing rack systems, and accessories including paddling accessories, kayak accessories, building accessories, motors, sails and more!

Ultra Sport Wooden Kayak

Designed for paddlers who are looking for a more stable and maneuverable wooden kayak. It is a great kayak for those looking to fish, do photography or anything else that requires higher stability.

Sport Wooden Kayak

The short version of the Touring Wooden Kayak for paddlers who want a shorter kayak that turns quicker, yet still retains a mix of good speed and stability than the Touring Wooden Kayak model.

Sport Touring Wood Kayak

Designed for paddlers who want higher speeds but more stability than the Touring Wooden Kayak model. Also, great for distance paddling and overnight trips.

Touring Wooden Kayak

Designed for paddlers who want an efficient wooden kayak for higher speeds to cover longer distances. Perfect for distance paddling.