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About Our Company

Our company has a simple mission – to put people on the water. Ellero Boats was founded on the belief that you should be able to paddle a boat designed for you and for what you like to do most. Established on the principles of flexibility, individuality and excellence, Ellero designs well fit kayaks for maximum enjoyment. Ellero is steadily constructing an impressive reputation in today’s wooden boat market.

The Ellero Difference – Well Designed Boats

You’re not likely to go out as often in a vessel that’s too heavy, too light, too big or too small for you. So, we’ve created innovative, flexible kits to build more efficient kayaks than any others on the market today. To customize your boat to you, each of four activity styles comes in small, medium or large to match the size of the paddler and has the option to sail, motor, outriggers, and take apart for storage in tight quarters. All models have roomy cockpits to accommodate all the gear you need and ease of access.

Our building directions are the best in the business. We took great effort in making fully illustrated step-by-step written directions and a step-by-step video series to make the build process fun and easy.

Why Wood?

Well, it’s beautiful for starters. Weight-wise, wood is lighter than plastic and even a little lighter than fiberglass for an easier boat to paddle, transport (think car topping) and to store. Structurally, it is stiffer than carbon fiber kayaks and can flex unendingly for maximum durability. Ellero’s custom cut panels are stunning mahogany which comes from sustainably managed forests. So you can enjoy the environment without the least shred of guilt about hurting the environment.

Marc Weniger, Ph.D.
CEO and Founder


  1. jim Kemp jim Kemp
    January 7, 2020    


    Can you tell me what kind of epoxy you provide with your kits?



    • admin admin
      February 12, 2020    

      We use a high end marine grade epoxy from Resin Research.

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