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Kayak Hardware

We carry a full line of kayak hardware to outfit your boat. Buy the parts you need in small quantities, or purchase a deck hardware kit with everything you need to attach a seat, gear, hatches, and kayak handles. Find the kayak hardware you need here.

  • 1/16 Inch Stainless Steel Rudder CableShow details

    1/16″ Stainless Steel Rudder Cable (per Foot)

  • Ten Rivet PackShow details

    10 Dome Head Tri-Fold Rivet Set

  • Ten Nylon Padeye PackShow details

    10 Nylon Padeyes

  • Show details

    10 Nylon Padeyes with Rivets

  • 10 Padeyes with screwsShow details

    10 Nylon Padeyes with Stainless Steel Screws

  • PayeePadeye4 Nylon PadeyesShow details

    4 Nylon Padeyes

  • Padeyes with RivetsShow details

    4 Nylon Padeyes with Rivets

  • Paddies With ScrewsShow details

    4 Nylon Padeyes with Stainless Steel Screws

  • Kayak Handle KitKayak Handle KitShow details

    Handles – Pack of Two With Rope

  • Show details

    Kayak Deck Line Guide – Slotted Round

  • Nylon HookNylon HookShow details

    Nylon Hook – Pack of Two

  • Nylon Hook with rivetsNylon Hook with rivetsShow details

    Nylon Hook Pack with Rivets

  • Nylon Hooks with screws, pack of twoNylon Hooks with screws, pack of twoShow details

    Nylon Hooks (2) with Stainless Steel Screw Pack

  • Rudder Cable GuideRudder Cable GuideShow details

    Rudder Cable Guide (per Foot)

  • Stainless Steel Chicago BoltsStainless Steel Chicago BoltsShow details

    Stainless Steel Chicago Bolts Pack of 4

  • Stainless Steel PadeyeStainless Steel PadeyeShow details

    Stainless Steel Padeye

  • Metal Padeye & Wood Screw PackMetal Padeye & Wood Screw PackShow details

    Stainless Steel Padeye & Wood Screw Pack

  • 1/4" Shock Cord per Foot1/4" Shock Cord per FootShow details

    Utility Deck Line (per Foot)