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MTI Life Jackets

We carry the full line of MTI life jackets. They are great for any boat but offer a better range of motion than most life jackets on the market. They have a special cut that allows for more flexibility when moving around the deck, sailing, and paddling or rowing. The padding on several models is less dense in the back making it more comfortable to lean against a kayak or other kind of seat. We have specially made life jackets for women for a better fit. A great line of jackets that are comfortable which means everyone will actually want to wear them on the water.

Specifically designed for the needs of smaller boaters. We have a range of of life jackets that fit your youngsters well.

Bob Youth Life Jacket Blue_Grey

These life jackets are designed to meet the needs of women. They are cut and adjust to offer more room in the upper torso for more comfortable paddling.

PFDiva Life West for Women, side

These are unisex adult life jackets that are designed to fit all the boaters in the family.

Slipstream Life Jacket Mango-Dark Gray Rainstop

Inflatable life jackets are a less bulky alternative to the traditional life jacket.

Helios 2.0 Inflatable Life Vest, Mango-Caribe-Print, Front

Your dog needs safety too! We have three sizes to fit your favorite canine.

Underdog Life Jacket

Women’s Life Jackets

Women who have larger busts will appreciate life jackets made for them. These jackets are cut specifically to fit a woman’s shape better than the unisex life jackets we carry. These are top of the line, feature rich jackets that anyone would be happy wearing all day.

Men’s & Women’s Life Jackets

These are life jackets for both men and women. We have to models the standard Java jacket and the Slipstream life jacket that has a bit narrower cut and more pockets for storage. Each model is available in several sizes.

Inflatable Life Jackets

These jackets are great for hot weather. Comfortable and easy to wear they will automatically inflate if you fall out of your boat.  A great alternative to regular jackets.

Dog Life Jackets

Your canine needs safety on the water too. Although most dogs swim well, they can get tired easily. Make sure to outfit your favorite pooch with a jacket that fits them.