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Electric Motors

We carry a great selection of Torqeedo outboard motors for kayaks, dinghys & tenders, sailboats and motorboats. See how efficient and practical Torqeedo outboard motors are. Truly, german engineering at its finest!

Torqeedo Ultralight Electric Boat Motor for Wooden Kayaks -

Torqeedo Ultralight

Electric motors for kayaks, canoes, and light watercraft. Available in 1 hp model.

Torqeedo Travel Electric Boat Motor

Torqeedo Travel

Portable electric motors for tenders, dinghies and day sailers up to 3000 lbs. Available in 1.5 hp and 3 hp.

Torqeedo Cruise Electric Boat Motor

Torqeedo Cruise

Electric motors for motorboats and sailboats up to 20,000 lbs. Available in 5 hp, 8 hp and 20 hp models.

Torqeedo Deep Blue Electric Boat Motor

Torqeedo Deep Blue

Electric motors or for larger craft. Available in 40 hp and 80 hp models.