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Let’s Talk Kayak Building

Early Wood Kayak Prototype (Skiff I Built in the Background)

Early Wood Kayak Prototype (Skiff I Built in the Background)

Let’s face it, building a kayak is fun, no, really…it is. You may have never thought about building a kayak, but it is one of the most rewarding things you can do. I have been building all sorts of craft since I was young. To date, I have built two sail boats, two hot air balloons, a motorglider, a skiff, and countless kayaks, not to mention all the other things I have built at home.

First Home Built Hot Air Balloon

First Home Built Hot Air Balloon

There is something special about making a craft with your own hands. It might not be perfect, but nothing really is, especially once you drag your kayak up onto a beach, no kayak will be perfect. What you can do with it however, is quite amazing. You can customize the inside of your kayak just the way you want it, to fit you. The foot braces where they fit you the best, the seat where it is most comfortable for you.

You can add bells and whistles exactly the way you want them, to paddle the way you like. Add cool graphic underlays to make your boat your own. Move hatches to where you would like them to be, string up the deck any way you like with your own shock cord designs.

If you take your time, follow the instructions and work a little each day or each week, in the end, you will have a boat you are proud of, is stunning, and something you can paddle for a lifetime – So Cool!

Get building, you’ll have a good time doing it.


The Ellero Advantage

(Ultra Sport Kayak Shown Above)


There have been some questions about what make Ellero finished kayaks and kayak kits unique. In summary, here are what make Ellero kayaks stand apart.

The Kayaks

– Four Models for Different Skill Levels and Applications
—Touring Kayak – Fast, Efficient, Straight Tracking for the Int./Adv. Paddler
—Sport Touring Kayak  -Fast, Efficient, Straight Tracking for the Novice/Int. Paddler
—Sport Kayak – Shorter, Good Mix of Turning, Tracking, and Stability – All Paddlers
—Ultra Sport Kayak – 10′-14′ Good Maneuvering, Highest Stability – Novice/Int. Paddler
– Three Sizes for Each Model – Kayaks That Fit, Well
– 12 Panel Design
– Computer Aided Design (CAD) – All Kayaks Have Been Modeled to Exacting Standards
– Matched Grain Panels
– Roomy Cockpits  for Easy Entry and Exit
– Forward and Aft Bulkheads for Flotation and Structural Rigidity
– Easily Adjustable Foot Braces
– On Deck Storage
– Quite Carry Handle – Retracts when Not in Use
– Six Metal Locking Points for Small-Medium Pad Locks
– Spray Skirts Fit all of Our Kayaks
– Everything but Life Jacket, Paddle, and Spray Skirt is Included


All of our kayaks were specifically designed for a wide variety of options:
– Sails
– Motors
– Outriggers/Amas
– Rudders (Four Types)
– Every Model can Be Built in 1, 2, or 3 Sections for Easy Transport & Storage
– Graphic Underlays


– Sustainably Grown African Mahogany Okoume Plywood
– Ultra Clear Fiberglass for Glass Like Surface
– Epoxy Ultra Clear Epoxy that has Very Little Tinting, Shows Wood Well
– Seats are Custom Made for Ellero, Comfortable, High Quality

The Kits

– High Quality Manufacturing Standards +/- .001 Kit Accuracy
– Simple Fully Illustrated Step-By-Step Building Instructions
– Full Video Series to Accompany Building Instructions
– Finger Joints on Every Panel for Unparalleled Building Accuracy
– Mortise and Tenon Bulkheads for Perfect Alignment
– XYZ Alignment – Our Building System Virtually Guarantees Perfect Alignment
– Plans, Partial Kits, and Full Kits Available

The Ellero Wood Kayak Launch is Here!

After four years of development we have launched our new kayak line at Ellero! We are very excited to bring you our extensive line of kayaks. We have kayaks for everyone from the advanced paddler to those who want a more secure feeling on the water. Our four models are available in three sizes each so that you and your family/friends/significant other can all paddle the same model if you would like. Everyone can finally paddle a boat that fits them in the model they want! I’ll talk a lot more about all of the advantages Ellero kayaks offer. In the mean time, check out our launch video. We would love your feedback!

Happy Paddling!


Launch Video: