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How easy is this wood kayak building thing really?

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In an earlier post, I mentioned that I build a lot of different craft. That has really helped me design easy to build boats for you. One of the things I disliked when I built other boats and aircraft is that nobody made it easy. There were always issues, sometimes big issues with the way the plans, instructions and kits went together. This always added many hours to the build. Then, there were the skills that all the designers of the various craft seemed to think I had, which I didn’t, adding more time spending hours trying to figure out. All this, in my opinion, needed to change.

I designed our kits to make it easy for you to build. My experience in both the marine and aviation worlds allowed me to combine the best of both boat and aircraft building methods in our designs. I wanted to make sure that if you have never built anything before, that the fully illustrated instructions and videos together would teach you pretty much everything you needed to know to be successful building our kits – not assuming any skill level on your part. As it turns out, even advanced builders appreciate the insight!

If you still get stumped, we are just a phone call away. In a real pinch, we can Skype or FaceTime with you if needed. We are here for you – are you ready?

Happy building!

– Marc


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