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Powered Kayaking

Powered Kayaks – We go to shows all over the U.S. When it comes to electric motors on kayaks I get one of two responses – Never or wow, what an amazing idea! I know there are two ideological camps when it comes to adding an electric motor on a kayak, but to that I say, we make kayaks with or without motors – it’s your choice!

Why would you want a motor with you kayaking? – Many reasons:

1. Fitness and fun. Many of our customers love to kayak but not for hours. They love the idea of getting out on the water, paddling for an hour or so, then cruising the rest of time.

2. Safety. When that 20 knot headwind comes out of nowhere, it is nice to know you have the power to get back to shore. Paddlers who go on large bodies of water a lot like the piece of mind that they can get back in quickly when the conditions become unfavorable.

3. Fishing – Some paddlers are on the water not to paddle, but to fish. Our motors are great for trolling. They can go for hours at a time. Add the solar panel and you can troll at 1.5 mph pretty much all day.

4. Going distance. Many of our customers like to see how far they can go in a morning of paddling. Add a motor and use it as an assist to get you from 3 mph to 5mph. You still get the same exercise, just at a faster speed.

Once you start paddling with a motor, you might just see the cool benefits of having a little push from the back.

Torqeedo Ultralight Electric Boat Motor for Wooden Kayaks -

Torqeedo Ultralight Electric Boat Motor for Wooden Kayaks –

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