Product Description

Bike Arm

Two Arms and Rails sets are required to hold one bike.

The bike arm is perfect for getting your bike out of the way while having it attractively displayed. Great in a home or retail environment, the bike arm can be used with any of our rail systems to allow for vertical storage. The typical wall can hold two bicycles comfortably and with our adjustable rails you will have room to store your other pedaling accessories as well.

Comes with one arm.

The bike arm comes with an installed cork pad to ensure your bike does not slip or get scratched while hanging on the rack.


The maximum capacity is 25lbs. (12KG) per arm.

This arm can be used with any size wall rail.

For indoor use only.


The dimensions are:


Height Width Depth
Inches 6 0.75 14.5
mm 152.4 19.05 368.3