Product Description

Double RC Plane Arm

Our Double RC Plane series are specifically designed to hold two of your favorite models under the wings. Two arms and rail sets are required to hold each of your models. We have three sizes 14 inch (356 mm), 18 inch (457 mm), and 24 inch (610 mm) arms. For the correct fit, measure from the front of your model to the trailing edge of the wing. Select the arm that is equal or greater to that measurement.

The longer the wall rails you select, the more models you can fit. Add a shelf system to store your field box and other accessories.

Comes with one arm.

The maximum capacity is 25lbs. (12KG) per arm.

This arm can be used with any size wall rail.

For indoor use only.

The dimensions are:

Height Width Nose to TE* Depth from Wall
Inches 6 0.75 14 15
mm 152.4 19.05 355.6 381