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Puffin Racks

Our storage rack systems are perfect for storing anything you need in any closet, garage, hall or commercial application. With over 25 different arm sets and six different rail sets you can make nearly any configuration to meet your unique needs. Our wood racks are unique in their natural beauty, unlike other racks on the market. Professionally CNC cut to exacting standards. Mix and match to make your own unique system. You can store virtually anything you like!

Kayak and SUP Rack System

The water sports racks are available for kayaks, canoes, stand up paddle boards, surfboards or any other craft under 125 lbs. We have different arms for each type of boat. We also have racks for storing paddles, fishing rods, and other kinds of water sports equipment.

Land Sports Storage Rack Systems

Our land sports racks are available for storing bikes, golf clubs, skate boards, snow boards, skis, sports balls, bats, and many other types of sporting equipment. The racks can even be used for every day garage items like ladders, gardening tools, or virtually anything else you can think of.

Land Sports Storage Rack Systems

Our clothing rack systems can be used in walk in closets, standard closets, or garages. They are also a great solution for commercial applications. There are several ways you can store or display your apparel with our systems.

RC Storage Rack Systems - Remote Control Storage Rack Systems

The radio control rack systems are designed for holding RC planes, cars, boats, and all the other gear that goes with your RC adventures. We have several different racks that are available to store RC craft of most sizes.