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Create Your Own Rack System

Sports Rack Storage Systems

If you have your own storage solution ideas and would like to create your own rack system, this page offers you the ability to find all of our rack products in one place to build a system of your own.

Create Your Own Rack System Hints & Tips – Measure Your Wall

We suggest that you measure out your wall space and marking the center of your studs with a pencil to make sure your studs are where they should be. Do this about 3 feet from the ground and about 3 feet from the ceiling to ensure your studs run the entire length of the wall.

Create Your Own Rack System Hints & Tips Hints & Tips – Rail Placement

Once you know your stud placement,  we recommend putting rails on either 16 or 32 inch intervals (or where your studs are). Some rack arms like the kayak racks require larger spacing between the arms while other rack arms require closer spacing like the bike arms. See the individual arm for details. We have rails from 12-70 inches available. If you have an arm that has more than 3 hooks, a 100 rail will not work, but all others will.

Create Your Own Rack System Hints & Tips Hints & Tips – Arms

Once you have your system measured and planed out, you can select all of your arms here. Keep in mind that most rack arms require two pieces. Closet the golf bag arm and the angled clothing arms are the exception, they only require one unit.

Radio Control Rack Arms – Sold Individually

Shelves – Sold Individually