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The Ellero Advantage

Our Experience

We are adventurers first – we use what we make. The founder comes from a high adventure sports background. In the marine world he is experienced in kayaking, canoeing, off shore sailing, and speed boating. In the aviation world he is a licensed pilot in fixed wing aircraft, hot air balloons, sailplanes, and paragliders. On land he actively engages in rock climbing, backpacking, and general adventuring done all over the world.

This experience has allowed Ellero to develop the most versatile product line geared for nearly any adventure. Ellero’s products were developed because there was nothing on the market to meet the needs of the founder or many other paddlers out there (you’ll see why below).

Our background is firmly rooted in building. The founder has built dozens of kayaks, sail boats, motor boats, aircraft, hot air balloons. We are builders which means our boats and manuals are designed for the builder’s perspective, not from what just works in the minds of engineers. If something was not easy to assemble, then it was redesigned to make it perfect, every time.

Engineering. All of our boats have been professionally engineered from the ground up to be structurally strong but remain as light as possible. Each part has been meticulously scrutinized to ensure the boat goes together well and has great lines.


Three Wood Kayaks
Touring Wooden Kayak Top and Side -

The Boats

The fundamental belief at Ellero is that we have a boat for every type of paddler. Let’s face it, the paddling world can be confusing. You might find a boat that fits you, or a boat that has a particular purpose, but finding both together for you and your paddling partner’ needs not so easy.


From wide boats that instill confidence to narrow boats that have incredible speed and many in-between. Our line of 15 boats are categorized into four easy to understand models:

Touring Kayak – Designed for paddlers who want an efficient kayak for higher speeds to cover longer distances.

Sport Touring – Designed for paddlers who want higher speeds but more stability than the Touring model.

Sport Kayaks – The short version of the Touring Kayak for paddlers who want a shorter boat that turns quicker, yet still retains a mix of good speed and stability.

Ultra Sport Kayaks – Designed for paddlers who are looking for a more stable and maneuverable boat. It is a great boat for those looking to fish, do photography or anything else that requires higher stability.


Each of our boats are available in at least three sizes. This means you will have a boat that fits you well. If one paddler is 100 lbs and the other is 250lbs you can use the same line of boats in different sizes to have a similar paddling experience. No longer will one person be left behind because they can’t have the model they would like. Our line of 15 boats allows for the perfect paddling experience.


All of our models have been designed together which means that they can do some unique things. All of our boats have been specifically engineered to not only be paddled but also to use with sails, outriggers, electric motors, and a variety of fishing equipment.

Our bulkheads are the same distance apart in every boat allowing you to even make kayak catamarans combing any of our models. Imagine the possibilities of a kayak that paddles very well, yet can be combined into a catamaran – add two sails and even a couple of motors and just imagine the places you can go and the distances you can cover.

Each boat can even be built in two or three pieces so you can take them apart for easy transportation and storage. Our boats will work well for nearly any of your missions, and you’ll look great in the water.

Most of our boats have enough storage space to pack for a weekend away and many even have the storage space paddle for weeks at a time.


The Kits

Our boat kits are unique in the industry. They use the tried-and-true, stitch-and-glue method. We have added some unique additions however.

Finger Joints

Your boat ships in an eight foot box but they are 10 – 20’ long. This requires gluing together panels to make them longer. All of our kits come with finger joints cut to .001” accuracy. This means that your panels will go together perfectly, with little worry about getting the correct alignment. Panels literally just snap in place. The finger joints are even cut in a way that it is not possible to assemble the wrong panels together or up-side-down.

Mortise and Tenon Bulkheads

Our bulkheads have mortise and tenon joints. No more guessing as to where the bulkheads really are supposed to go. Just align the notch in the bulkhead to the indentation in the hull. You will get perfect alignment every time.

XYZ Alignment

A tricky and crucial part about getting a kayak to paddle right is to build it straight. We have a nearly fool proof system to getting it perfect every time – all you need is a flat table with a straight edge. Our temporary bulkheads all have an extension built on them. Once you have assembled the hull, you simply flip the kayak over, align the sides of the extensions on your table edge and ensure that the extensions are flat on the table and clamp the system down. Your kayak will be built true in all three dimensions.


Our plans are the best in the business, period. The founder has reached into his aviation building experience to bring plans that are easy to follow. Every step is fully illustrated similar to the “Lego” style instructions you may be familiar with. No more trying to decipher written instructions in several hundred page manuals. Every step in the plans is followed with a video link to show you how the steps are completed.

It’s all Included

We believe that everything should be included in a complete kit. Our seats, deck hardware, bulkheads, hatches, and foot braces are all included. You get a truly complete kit. We don’t compromise on safety or features. All you add is a paddle, life jacket, and a body of water.

If you have your own ideas on how to build and outfit your boat, no problem. You can build our boats from plans, a wood only kit, or a wood and fiberglass kit only kit.

Ellero boats and kits are truly the best in the business. You can feel comfortable that you are getting a boat that is well designed and will fit your needs now and grow with you into the future. There is still more to learn! We have not covered many of our other design features or component features here. Click the links below to learn more about our models.