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Top 5 reasons You’ll Love Ellero Kayaks!

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Ellero Kayaks

Top 5 reasons You’ll Love Ellero Kayaks!

  1. Paddling Beautiful Art – Wood kayaks have a natural beauty unlike any other material. Sometimes it is hard to get on the water with so many people wanting to talk about your wood kayak.
  2. Weight – Our kayaks are lighter than nearly any other kayak materials including fiberglass. Light weight allows for easy carrying, car topping, and storage which means you’ll use the boat more often.
  3. Speed – Wood kayaks are stiff, which allows excellent energy transfer into the water, but they are flexible enough to bend ever so slightly to absorb major shocks.
  4. Fit – Ellero kayaks have four different models to fit your paddling style. They also come in four different sizes to fit your body type.
  5. Accessorize – You can add motors, sails, outriggers & amas, rudders, and more to our kayaks. Each boat as the option of being taken apart in 2 or three pieces for even easier storage and transport.

Come see our selection of kayaks. We have the kayak that will fit your paddling style and your body type.

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