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Wooden Kayak Kits Building Information

All of our wood kayaks have been designed from the outset to be simple to build without any kayak building experience or any building experience at all. We have developed written and video instructions to be used in combination with each other to help you build your own wooden kayak kit. Our written instructions are the best in the boating world. They are clear, easy to follow and fully illustrated. Please give us a call if you have any questions.

Wooden Kayak Building Videos

Our videos can be used to build any of our kits. There are slight differences between wooden kayak kits. Please refer to the instructions that come with your kit for specific variations for each kit.

Click on our kayak building videos below to begin playing them. Click on the box in the bottom right of any kayak building video to play it full screen, or click on the YouTube logo to watch the video on the YouTube site.

Video 1
Unpacking Your Kit
Video 2
Panel Assembly
Video 3
Prepping Combings
Video 4
Panel Assembly
Video 5
Wiring the Hull
Video 6
Prepping the Bulkheads
Video 7
Prepping the Hull for Epoxy
Video 8
Epoxy the Hull
Video 9
Assembling the Deck Arch and Handle Backing Plates
Video 10
Plaining or Sanding the Hull
Video 11
Fiberglassing the Hull
Video 12
Preparing the Hull for the Deck
Video 13
Fiberglassing the Inside of the Hull, Part 1
Video 14
Fiberglassing the Inside of the Hull, Part 1
Video 15
Fiberglassing the Inside of the Hull, Part 1
Video 16
Installing Foot Brace Studs
Video 17
Prep and Epoxy the Deck to the Hull
Video 18
Sand and Fiberglass the Deck
Video 19
Cutting the Hatches
Video 20
Installing the Hatch Combings
Video 21
Installing the Small Combings
Video 22
Installing the Large Cockpit Combings
Video 23
Fiberglass Tape the Inside Seam
Video 24
Video 25
Installing Hardware
Building Wooden Kayak – Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to build a kayak kit?

Our kit takes us about 50 hours to build, but for first time builders, it will take a bit longer. We like to say that 80 hours is a good target. Some builders will take more time, some will take less.

Remember that the boat will never be perfect and after a year of paddling, there will be a few scratches and dings that you will end up putting on the boat. These things can be fixed, but more likely, you will be busy paddling and having fun. Once every few years, you might spend a weekend giving your boat some attention. Any deep scratches should be taken care of quickly.

What comes in my wooden kayak kit?

It depends on the kit you purchase. Our complete wooden kayak kit includes everything you need from the wood, epoxy, fiberglass, and disposables, to the deck hardware food braces and seat. Our wood and epoxy kit does not have the disposables, deck hardware. or seat (good for builders who have different ideas on what they would like to do). The wood only kit is just the CNC cut wood, good for experienced builders.

Your wooden kit will arrive in a 2’x8′ box. If you get the complete or wood and epoxy kit you will have another one to two boxes that arrive with your other building materials.

How long does it take to get my wooden kayak kit?

We keep all of our kits in stock. We will ship them out as quickly as we can when we get your order. Typically same day, but no longer than two days. The rest is up to the shipping company. You should get your kit around 5-8 business days from the day you order.

Can I work every day and get my wooden kayak built in a  week or two?

Yes, you can. There are times, however, where you might only be able to spend a half day as an assembly drys. Believe it or not, there is time spent on the finishing. If you varnish your boat it will take you only an hour or so a day but the coats need 24 hours to dry. So, plan on one week of evenings to complete the finish coat on your boat. We do have tricks to speed up this process. Using Rapid Clear for the first few coats can speed up your finishing by several days.

I have never had building experience before, can I do a project like this?

Absolutely. Most people can work through this project quite easily. Our step-by-step drawn manual and videos will not only help you with how to build your boat but will also give you a lot of tips that many beginning builders might not know. Our instructions are made for the beginner and take a lot of the guess work out of completing each step.

What if I get stuck?

Give us a call, we are happy to help. We can work through the phone, e-mail, or even video call if needed. It usually takes just a few minutes of talking to work through most steps. What is important to us is that you have fun, complete your project, and enjoy your boat on the water.

Why build a wooden kayak?

Lot’s of reasons but primarily the satisfaction of paddling something you built yourself. There is a lot of pride and joy building a boat. Second, you can also get the boat that you want. A boat that fits you perfectly both physically, visually, and functionally. You can customize the fit well, add any kind of personal touches, and make the boat work for you with sails, motors, etc.