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Touring Wooden Kayak

Touring Wooden Kayak

Our Touring Wooden Kayaks are designed for intermediate to advanced paddlers who want maximum speed and efficiency for day or long distance adventures. Ellero’s Touring kayaks are designed for speed and efficiency. Secondary stability is higher, while initial stability is lower on this narrowest of designs. Paddle it, sail it, motor it, add a catamaran or take it apart and store it in up to three pieces, it’s a flexible craft. Boats are available in small, medium or large, to fit any paddler.

Why Build?

Although we offer completed boats, most customers decide to build their own boat. Building a boat is something almost anyone can do.

  • – Less Cost
  • – Make it Your Own – Custom Add-ons
  • – Understand Your Boat
  • – Sense of Accomplishment
  • – For more information click on: The Ellero Advantage

Why Wooden Kayaks?

Wood is truly the best material to build a kayak from. Why:

  • – Aesthetics
  • – Stiffer than Plastic, Fiberglass, or Carbon Fiber Boats
  • – Higher Durability than Fiberglass or Carbon Boats
  • – Lighter than Plastic and Fiberglass Boats
  • – Easy to Repair Scratches and Dings
  • – Longer Life than Fiberglass or Carbon Boats

Why Ellero?

Our boats are specifically designed for you and your adventures:

  • – Four Models for Different Levels and Applications
  • – Three Sizes of Each Model for a Great Fit
  • – Specifically Designed for Options such as Sails, Motors, Take Apart Systems & Rudders
  • – High Quality Manufacturing Standards
  • – Best building instructions and methods in the industry.
  • – For more information click on: The Ellero Advantage

Touring Wooden Kayak – Design Features

Our philosophy is to create wooden kayaks that fit you and your lifestyle. We have several sizes in each model specifically with your body type in mind. We believe you should have a boat that fits right and does what you want it to do.

Sleek Wood & Fiberglass Design

Our wood kayaks have distinct advantages over other build mediums – they are significantly lighter than plastic or fiberglass kayaks and similar in weight to carbon fiber kayaks, yet are noticeably stiffer, offering superior energy transfer into the water. They also maintain their hull shape better than other materials.

12 Panel Design

All of our wooden kayaks are designed with twelve panels ensuring the sleekest hul in a plywood design.

Finger Joints

All panels have finger joints manufactured to 0.001 of an inch tolerance that ensure the panels are aligned properly and offer the same strength as the wood before it is cut.

Matched Grain Panels

Each wooden kayak has panels that are precision machine cut and are grain matched where possible ensuring a beautiful grain pattern throughout each boat.

High Front Deck & Lower Aft Deck

The front of our wood kayaks are higher to break through waves and channel water to the sides of the boat. The aft deck is lower to accommodate those advanced paddlers wishing to roll the boat.

Turning vs. Tracking

Our boats are designed with a happy medium of good straight tracking yet at the same time being able to turn well when you need them to.

Touring Wooden Kayak Side and Bottom -
Three Sizes

All of our wood kayaks are designed in three different sizes to fit how you are built. 

Certified & Sustainable Wood

Our marine plywoo is sourced from sustainable African Mahogany. It is manufactured to Lloyd’s of London™ certification.

Roomy Cockpits

The Touring Kayak series is designed with roomy cockpits for easy entry and exits. Our boats have long cockpits easily accommodating paddlers with long legs. If you have shorter legs, the end of the cockpit is a great place to store easily accessible gear for your paddling adventures.

Standard Bulkheads

We value safety on the water. The Touring Series comes with two bulkheads, one on each side of the cockpit that keep the water out and offer added flotation if you were to flood the cockpit. They also offer relatively dry areas to store your gear for the day or for an overnight trip. The bulkheads also offer added structure to your boat for increased stiffness and strength.

Fiberglass & Epoxy Resin

We select only the finest ultra clear fiberglass and epoxy resin for coating the inside and outside of your boat. The fiberglass and resin is ultra clear and virtually disappears once the boat is completed making a strong, well protected shell for the beautiful plywood.

Touring Wooden Kayak – Component Features

We offer many different options, sails, electric motors, rudders, deck racks, outriggers & amas that our boats were specifically designed to accept. You can even create a catamaran for paddling, motoring, or sailing with two of our kayaks! Our wood boats are ready for the adventures you have in mind.

Sail & Motor & Rudder Capable

All of our boats were designed specifically to accept our sailing and motor systems. The ability to easily accept a rudder was also purposefully designed into the boat.

Easily Adjustable Foot Braces

The Touring Series Wooden Kayaks come with foot braces that are adjustable on the fly. Simply reach down with one hand, turn the handle 90 degrees and move the pedal with your foot to your desired location.

Custom Seat

We manufacture our own seat for maximum comfort. A good supporting back and comfortable seat pad make for easy paddling hour after hour. The seat is fully adjustable. You can place it where it fits you best and angle the back rest to your desired location.

Easy Entry Hatches

The hatches have secure bungee systems to ensure they stay closed when you want them to but open easily with cold fingers or when using gloves.

Take Apart System

Every boat has the option of being built in two or three pieces for easy transport and storage.  Tandems can be built in up to four pieces.

Touring Wooden Kayak Top and Side -
On-Deck Storage

The Touring Wood Kayak includes two areas – for and aft of the cockpit – to store your gear on top of the deck.

Quiet Carry Handle

The carry handle retracts tightly to the kayak deck to reduce noise during paddling. The metal attachment hardware is over designed to ensure secure car-top tie down and padlock points.

Six Locking Points

Each wooden kayak comes with six hard points to lock your boat – the two handle attachment points in the front and back of the boat and the two seat attachment points in the center of the boat.

Spray Skirts

The Touring Kayak model is designed to have an optional spray skirt cover if you desire to paddle with one to keep out the cold or the water. We tend not to paddle with one with our Southern California weather.

Touring Wooden Kayak – Specifications


Dimensions Small           15’6″ x 21.0″ x 9.0″          4.72m x 533mm x 229mm
Medium      16’3″ x 22.0″ x 9.3″          4.95m x 559mm x 237mm
Large           17’0″ x 23.0″ x 9.7″          5.18m x 584mm x 245mm
Appx. Weight Small              37 lbs     16.8 kg                    42 lbs     19.1 kg
Medium         38 lbs     17.3 kg                    43 lbs    19.5 kg
Large              39 lbs     17.7 kg                    44 lbs     20.0 kg
Core Okoume Marine Plywood
Max Capacity Small              209 lbs     kg 93.6
Medium         261 lbs     kg 118.6
Large              316 lbs     kg143.6
Construction Fiberglass over Wood


Distance Paddling
Fishing & Photography


Paddling Effort
Skill level
Touring Wood Kayak Side, Top and Bottom -

Touring Wooden Kayak – Purchase Options

There are many ways you can get a boat from us – plans, kits or completed boats. See the information below for details.

Touring Wooden Kayak - Small, Medium and Large -
Touring Wooden Kayak – Complete Kit

The complete wooden kayak kit includes everything you need to complete the boat – the CNC cut wood parts, fiberglass, epoxy, and all the hardware including foot braces, seat, and all deck hardware. This kit also includes many of the more difficult to find consumables like gloves, mixing cups, mixing sticks, dental syringes, stain rollers more! This is a great option for all level builders. Digital building manual and build videos are included with a purchase of any of our kayak kits.  



Touring Kayak – Wood, Fiberglass & Epoxy Kit

You can opt to purchase a kit that is CNC cut with fiberglass, resin or hardware. This option is suited for builders who might already have the remaining materials left over from other boats, or who want to use different hardware than provided in the kit. Digital building manual and build videos are included with purchase of any of our kayak kits.  



Touring Kayak – Wood Only Kit

You can opt to purchase a wood-only kit that is CNC cut without any fiberglass, resin or hardware. This option is best for advanced builders who might already have the remaining materials left over from other boats. Digital building manual and build videos are included with purchase of any of our kits.



Touring Wooden Kayak – Plans

You can purchase plans of any of our boats. They come in full size templates that you lightly spray glue onto the plywood and cut out yourself. This option is best for more experienced builders who would like to build from scratch. Digital building manual and build videos are included with a purchase of any of our plans. 



Kayak Take Apart System (Available for all Kayaks)

This system is designed to have your kayak come apart in two or three sections for easier transportation and storage.  A two section kayak is spilt behind the cockpit and the three section kayak is spit in front and behind the cockpit. Kit comes with one extra bulkhead per section and stiffeners for split bulkheads. It also includes all connecting hardware.



Wooden Kayak Kits and Water Accessories